Monday, March 14, 2016

Nathan & Thinus...THIS Should Be Our World

Nathan Byukusenge, a 35 year old cyclist from Rwanda nearing the end of his career, is currently racing the Tour de France of mountain biking, the Cape Epic.

Nathan lost his father in the 1994 Genocide and spent months running for his life in the forests of Rwanda in the summer of 1994.  

The genocide dictated his past.

Cycling dictates his future.

Thinus Redelinghuys, a much younger South African, only 25, is Nathan's partner.

They had never met before a few days prior to the Cape Epic.

Thinus is a student and a cyclist.  

Their worlds could not be further apart.

The Cape Epic is a race where you and your partner race for 8 days never being more than 2 minutes apart.  You must finish together or be disqualified.  You cannot win alone.  Nathan and Thinus were featured in a "who to watch" report leading up to the Cape Epic.

After the Prologue, Nathan and Thinus were in 25th in the GC and 5th in Best African.  After Stage 1, a grueling 108km stage with 2,300m of climbing, they finished 28th GC and 8th Best African.  It was not an easy stage seeing even one of the top team members, Gert Heynes, pull out due to illness.  

The beauty of the Cape Epic is it tests your will, your fight, your determination.  It is most definitely not for the weak of heart.

For Nathan and Thinus it is a coming together of two people from opposite ends of the social and economic spectrum to become one team, for one purpose for the next eight days.

This photo from today by Anthony Churchyard, should remind all of us of our responsibility to embrace differences...differences in language, country, color, ethnicity, economics....Nathan and Thinus couldn't be more different.

But today they are one....

To all the "haters" of the world, the people in the US who believe the "Trump" rhetoric, who disdain refugees, who do not accept people of other religions, color, ethnicity....internalize this photo.  

Thank you for all the love and help you have shown Nathan...Thinus, Joggie, Ruan, Max, Bronwen, Scott MTB, Cape Epic and the fans.  

#GoNathan #EmbraceDifferences #teamisteam


  1. Great article but how about crediting the photographer

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  2. I agree, photo credit is needed.

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