Thursday, December 31, 2015

Racing is LIFE...Everything Else is Just Waiting

I have started to write something about 15 times over the last week....why can we not get people to help this team?  I'm so frustrated.  I wish you all could see what I see, experience what I experience, live what I live....this team is everything to these riders, their families, the young hopefuls and this country of Rwanda.  Everyone can help these guys and girls...why don't you?

I just read what Sterling Magnell, our coach for Team Rwanda, wrote about the team on his Facebook page, obviously feeling similar frustrations.....90 seconds.  Take 90 seconds and read this...then tell me you can't help.  Thank you Sterling....

"What am I gonna buy it with? My good looks?!"
When I was little(r) my pops used to rebuff requests for things us kids didn't exactly need like that.
I used to wonder how plausible that really was, even though I knew he was being facetious and I hated him for it...
Shit. my team would be flying around 1st class.
You unequivocally tell someone how much you value their work when you pay them. I know that.
This shit has really been on my mind all season. And I hate it.
The height of hypocritical, materiel guilt driven giving.
Happy Holidays! Am I right?
I haven't bought a Christmas gift in 10 years.
Everybody wants to tug on your heart strings.
We project onto the sturdy members of our society guilt, indicting their station in life, their hard work, their privilege. 
Philanthropy, charity, tithing. Dirty fucking words you never wanna hear.
As a result not very many people ever actually cough up the beans as it were.
What is so special about these East African opportunists on bikes anyway.
I ask myself this shit everyday. 
What's all this bike racing crap really good for? 
Why is it worthwhile? 
What makes it essential.
What else besides the basic come up for a few lucky individuals is happening?
I grew up poorish. Okay, we were broke.
My house had wheels under it.
I was home schooled, I was as nerdy and underprepared for world as they come. 
20 years of cycling later and I've been all over the world.
Cycling changed my life. And because of that
I get to change other people's lives.
None if that happens without the people that dug deep in their pockets to put me and keep me on a bike. Nada.
I have very little formal education. Barely a G.E.D.
No saucy social connections, no nepotism, no wealth.
I got an education you can't buy.
Personal, worldly, about myself, about sport, about humanity, 
About politics, about nature, about culture, about family, about strangers, about struggle.
It fueled absolutely everything about who I am today.
And here I am pouring my life into repeating that cycle for the next kid. 
Look at us. Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic social homo sapien miracles we are. 
Look how able we are... look how advanced we are. So privileged, so blessed. And look how sick we are.
We're eating our tails. We're using up the planet. We're so well off we're inventing diseases. 
We're so bored we're fighting over shit that has no bearing on anything. 
We live vicariously, we live remotely, our lives are virtual. 
We're intellectually inbred, we have every resource in world, every need met and still can't figure out how to love. 
And we still can't figure out how to stop killing each other. 
Every tangible force of nature has been measured, bought, sold, resold, dividends, bets on bets, fiat money, fiat love, fiat existence. 
We're doing wrong.
So much of progress, of inspiration, human evolution comes from things that are pointless... that have no tangible value. 
Bike racing.
Intrinsically priceless. 
This is how we learn. This is how we grow. 
What happens when you play against yourself? Who wins? 
What happens when only one story gets told? 
What happens without diversity and color, and challenges and models for conflict? 
We need each others help, we need each other to live and learn and win and be in the game. 
We literally cannot afford to skip this step. 
We need stories. We need input. 
We need re education.
So do what you want with your piggy bank.
Do what you want with your christmas bonus.
Do what you want with your hedge fund. 
Help, don't help. You earned it. 
Ball till you fall man, I'm rooting for you. I hope you win at life. I hope you win at love. I hope you have everything you need. 
I hope you live life to it's fullest.
I hope you die happy. 
I hope Team Rwanda taught you something in 2015.
I hope we plant seeds of hope and inspiration in in your life and that it's takes you places. 
I could no more compel you to give me your money than I can compel the moon to produce light. 
But I can be light. 
I'm gonna fly as close to sun as I can get away with.
I'm betting big. I'm better on my team, I'm betting on us. 
I'm betting on humanity. 
This isn't bike racing, This is life. Life IS racing.
Everything else is just waiting.
Gaze deep into your crystal ball and tell me I'm wrong.
Happy New Year friends.

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