Monday, April 20, 2015

Prayers for Bonaventure's just part of cycling.  It happens.  We have been very lucky considering the congested roads with people walking on the shoulders, on the street, goats, sheep, new drivers, new drivers driving fast while talking on the phone.   Rwanda is a potpourri of road hazards.

The biggest, most common crash threat is the ignorant pedestrian.  I hit an old man years ago.  I was riding down a hill and saw an old man crossing the road in front of my path.  I started to slow down.  We made eye contact.  I thought we had a mental agreement he saw me coming and not walk in front of me.  No such agreement happened.  He backed up out of my path, I let go of the brakes, picked up speed and as I was within feet of him he stepped directly into my path.  I plowed into him.  He was knocked into the middle of the road.  I found myself on the gravel shoulder.  WTF was that all about?  You saw me, you knew I was approaching.  

Last Tuesday, Bona was descending and there he was, an indecisive villager playing frogger in the road.  Forward, backward, forward,  Bona hit the pedestrian and flew off his bike, head first on the side of the road in a field of boulders.  His Louis Garneau helmet saved his head, but the helmet was crushed.  

The team got him to a hospital, more like a poorly run clinic, near the crash.  Jock met up with them on the motorcycle and Kiki drove to meet them.  After hours at the clinic they finally made their way to the Musanze Hospital and several hours after that, Bona arrived back at the training center.  In Musanze they had stitched up his arm and took an X-ray but that was the extent of his trauma care.  There is no CT scanner in Musanze.  

After a couple of calls to my sister, the doctor, and consulting with some other doctor friends in Musanze, we felt confident in just letting him rest. 

By Wednesday night, Mr. AM was worried and checked on him at midnight.  By 6:00am they were on the road to Kigali to see Dr. Albert, the doctor who handles the Tour of Rwanda and the Team.  By noon I received a call from Coach and his CT scan was clear.  No bleeding in his brain, no skull fracture, no spinal damage.  The doctors decided to keep him for a day or two for observation.  That was Thursday.

Bona is still in the hospital.  It's Monday.  

Today we went to see him before leaving for South Africa.  This morning he had another CT scan because he's still not feeling better.  He's not eating.  He still has a headache.  When I walked in the room, Bona looked so small and fragile.  I just sat on his bed and held his hand.  We are still awaiting the results of his second CT but chances are its fine.  That's good, but that also means his brain just needs to heal and that takes time and we just need to wait.  That's hard.  I don't "wait" well.

Bona is the tough kid, the one who never quits, the one who doesn't give up, who never complains.  He's solid....just not right now.

I am praying and trying to keep from crying.  I don't want to leave to South Africa tonight, but as my sister said, there's nothing you can do at this point.  

I just wanted to curl up next to him in that bed and hold his hand and tell him he was going to be fine.  

Please pray for our Bona....

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