Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's Another 6 Years?

The other day I saw a post on a friend's page on Facebook.  

"Today marks my 15-year Anniversary at the ......! I am officially *half way* to retirement!! I feel elated for the awesome 15 years of employment. XXXX is one of THE BEST organizations to work. Yet I feel conflicted that groundhog day is going to continue for another 15 years...180 months...3,120 work days...31,120 work hours. haha"

That comment was enough for me, for someone who has only had a "real" job four years out of her working life.  There were 62 "Likes" and 10 "Comments" when I caught comment #10:

"The closer you get the harder it gets sorry, Every year you will say why should I wait, I wanna retire this year.  Then you remind yourself you have done it this long, whats another 6 years.  I am happy for you congrats on retirement in 15 years."

*Disclosure...not corrected for grammar and spelling as those of you know I'm a grammar/spelling FREAK

"Whats another 6 years."

WHAT'S ANOTHER 6 YEARS????  Do we even need to ask that question people?  Have we become so mired in mediocrity, just crossing off the days until we die?  Or in this case, retire, which will be about the same time.

31,120 hours....just another 31,120 hours?  What could you do with another 6 years?

You could fill a passport...TWICE...

You could go to the Olympics, watch an athlete you have trained, loved and nurtured carry in his country's flag.

You could ride a motorcycle through Africa riding alongside a herd of elephant or giraffe. 

You could travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth to countries most people will never be allowed to enter.

You could be part of developing a sport in a country where it never existed before.

You could watch people feed their families, educate their children and siblings through participating in this sport.

You could give people hope.

You could give a young woman the chance to leave her mud hut in her village to race with the best in the world in Switzerland.

You could help people achieve their dreams and in so doing feel more gratified and content than most people in the world.

You could stand feet from endangered mountain gorillas in a rainforest.

You could stare for hours at two rhinos grazing on a savanna knowing if things don't change, if the poachers don't stop killing, that those hours could be priceless some day.

You could be part of winning a race which truly inspired a nation.

You could give hundreds of poor school children bikes to travel the many kilometers back and forth to school safely.

You could see a malnourished, neglected little baby grow up to become a dynamic, bilingual, bike riding machine.

You could have a little newborn girl named after you because of the place of honor and respect you hold within a family.

You could have met such amazing people who have traveled and lived all over the world, with stories and lives which will never speak to that "conflicted groundhog day" mentality.  

You could be part of the Tour de France, walk down the Champs d'Elysees with the first American to ever race in the Tour.

You could meet a President of one of greatest comeback countries in the world, Rwanda.  You could stand there as he says, "You've earned our support".

"But, Kim, I could never do what you do?"

"Kim, how did you do it?"

"I could never imagine leaving my home, selling my stuff, having new and scary experiences."

Then stay doing what you're doing....what's another 6 years?

Just a lifetime in my world.

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