Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Dear Italian Friend…Mjrka

I Love ITALY…. love Italians, love the language, completely enamored with all things Italian.  Most of all I love the photos taken by an Italian photographer, Mjrka Boensch Bees.  Mjrka has been with us all five years of the Tour of Rwanda.  I see him generally once a year.  In 2012 I saw him twice, he also photographed the Tour do Rio.  

His photographs capture the essence of the Team, of the Tour of Rwanda….of us.  

2009….my first year in Rwanda, Director Sportif for Team Rwanda….fear, panic, trying to figure out what I was doing…my friend, Hilary in the background.  He captured it all.

2011…one of my favorite shots...

2012 at the Tour do Rio… of our best…last…memories with Jock, Max and I.  Max left a few months later.  We were hanging out on a jungle gym before the start of a race.

2013…and the most FAMOUS and loved photo I have from Mjrka….Valens win last week in our home town.

Thank you Mjrka for being there every year documenting our lives…our work, our team.

To see more of his work from the Tour of Rwanda 2013….fall in love with Team Rwanda and the country of Rwanda…

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