Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Write a 30 Day Blog in 87 Days

So, of course I've been procrastinating with writing this blog.  I kept thinking of that phrase, "road is paved with good intentions" and was thinking about starting with that, until I googled it and the full phrase is "the road to hell is paved...."  That seemed a little strong for simply not keeping up with my blog.  Although is procrastination one of the 7 Deadly Sins, or is it often the lost 8th sin?

87 days, really?  That's bad.  Well, there was bad internet, lots of final work to be done with World Bicycle Relief (can't use that excuse since I should have been done with the blog on February 28th and didn't leave WBR until March 28th), lots of travel....not good either, only spent about 64 hours in a tin can over an ocean bored out of my mind.  My last entry was 25...let's start with 29 and work our way through the last 5 topics in record time and dismount.  Fluffy's dead.

Day 29 What Have I Learned...I really got tired of talking about inane stuff about my life, me.  I think Day 25 put me over the edge and I just had a mental shutdown.  Who really cares what's in my bag?  I also learned I do love to write, but it comes when it comes.  What I need to do is start writing little bits and pieces and not worry about the whole story.  Trying to write about specific things 30 days in a row made me never want to write again, it felt like senior year English class all over again.  Can you say, college drop out?

Day 30 Why did I Do This Challenge...My ever continuing desire to break my procrastination habit, in so doing I procrastinated.  I am finished.  I am a procrastinator and I'm embracing it!

Day 27 Page of Favorites...Didn't I talk about this earlier in one of my blogs?  If not, here goes in no particular order;
  • Bikes -- everything bikes, riding, training, selling, building, salivating over...I LOVE BIKES!
  • Positive can do're not positive you're out
  • Travel...duh
  • Helping people -- It is everything to me.  I'll give up whatever I have to make someone else's life better...but not in a martyr kind of way.  I just believe we should be better to one another, period.
  • Wine -- Yep, love me some good California wine, which I think I may have drank every variety since I've been home
Day 28 Pictures of Me from Last Year and This Year

Actually almost two years of my first rides in Rwanda
About two weeks ago...
Need I say more....some things never change...if you find something you are passionate about hold on and never let it slip away.  Never put your passion on a shelf, live it, eat it, breathe it and the dividends will be astronomical.

Day 26 What Do I Think About My Friends ....I saved this for last because it's the best topic and one I was actually thinking about in church the other day.

I live in the foreclosure capital of the world.  There were more homes foreclosed on in Nevada than any other state in the nation last year.  Nevada also ranks as one of the highest in unemploymentLas Vegas is not a pretty place these days and there's a lot to be stressed about and it would be easy to be negative and give up hope.  Not my friends.

There are only two of my friends out of about 25 that are NOT in some stage of losing their home.  Roughly 23 are.  These are good people who, like me, got caught up in the subprime loan debacle several years ago.  In 2004 I bought my 2,800 square foot tract home in the northwest valley for $365,000.  That was simply the going rate at that time.  I did not take out a second and buy "stuff".  I didn't buy a home outside my ability to pay, I just bought an average house.  In 2009, my home was short sold for $210,000.  Today, the home is worth $150,000.  This is our reality.

For all of this, plus, the unemployment which at times has hit 14% in the past years, my friends are resilient, positive and looking forward. 

It sucks!  The process both physically and mentally of walking away from a home SUCKS!  You could become bitter and cynical and not one of my friends has.  They simply pack up and move to a rental...which oftentimes is also foreclosed on within months of renting.  I think what it has done is made people more conscious of the important things in life...relationships with the ones you love.  I think we all ride more and get together more and just have more fun.  We're all in the same boat and they already know you don't need to go to Africa to understand what's important in the world.  I think my friends in Las Vegas are simply admirable...and tough...

So there you have to write a 30 day blog in 87 days.  Guess I won't be getting the call to lead the time management class at Franklin Covey any time soon!