Friday, October 14, 2011

The Unpublished Blogs: Wisdom From a Friend

I was on a roll today getting done everything that was on my "to do" list that I really hate "to do" so I procrastinate until I have to "to do".  I was on an organizational crazy train so decided to clean up my blog, do a little redecorating, but then the ADD took hold and I started reading my "unpublished" blogs. 

Some of these blogs were published but then taken down because I offended some people.  I think I might put them back up, we'll see.  Some of them I just started writing and then stopped.  Some I have no idea why I never published.  In all there's 11 lost blogs.  Of the eleven, this was my favorite which never got published.  It was written January 26, 2010, not sure what I was going through but as always my dearest friend, Johnny Muzungu made my day.  Here's to you Johnny M...I miss you!

Yesterday was one of those days....a day when no matter how much I tried to stay positive the onslaught of negative events continued.  I prayed...a lot....I wondered why I was experiencing the things being thrown at me.  I continually had to "check" my attitude and nothing seemed to keep me steady.  Until I had a talk with my dear friend Johnny M.  Actually not a "talk" but a series of "IM chats".  We're on two different continents.

So it seems, if you are having a less than a stellar day and people are behaving poorly towards you and heaping on piles of grief to your life remember these words, the words of Johnny Muzungu.

"It was great talking to you today.  I am sorry that you are down.  One great indication of character is the willingness to be responsible for difficulties.  You have this because your care is genuine and deep.  Try not to abuse your love and caring nature by taking responsibilities for things that are controlled by others.  You can't prevent certain people from being douchebags.  Some people look for any excuse to reveal their inner douchebag.  It is a force more powerful than good because it can strike at any time and without warning.  Randomness is a classic requirement of douchebaggery.  You must not let the douchpectations and douchpotential of the general population change who you are.  If you are overwhelmed by the act of douchbagetry, then douchbags everywhere win.  You can't let them win.  The world needs you to be you.  The world needs a champion of common sense and logic.

Quick sidebar, not real sure where I was going with this, I was going to lead up to you being some sort of anti-douchebag super hero but I don't know what an antidouchebag would be.  I drew a blank.  Sorry."

Everyone needs a friend like this to make you put everything in perspective, and to pee your pants laughing!  Now where can I get that ADB superhero cape?
 Johnny...Thanksgiving 2009 Rwanda


  1. Love it! Antidouchebagettes unite! Wait, am I an douchbag? I got a calendar once.... ;-)

  2. Jan, you did in fact get a calendar. Remember though, you requested one, your were not chosen to receive one. There is a difference.