Thursday, June 23, 2011

African Fashion Part Deux

It is 4:50am Thursday morning, Las Vegas.  Yes, I must be suffering the effects of jet lag.  As I lay awake in bed since 10:00pm last night I kept thinking about all the other great moments in African, particularly Rwandan, fashion.  Ok, it must be the jet lag AND the three aspirin AND shot of cold medicine.

When I was scrolling through Facebook on my iPhone in bed (yes, I'm a technocrack junkie) I saw a comment on my blog from a friend of mine who works for the Embassy in Kigali. 

girl you are cracking me up. Funny cause I mostly see pink satin shirts but they look exactly the same....

I knew my view of African fashion was not unique.  And then I remembered the ultimate picture of pure, cutting edge fashion taken at a fuel station in Musanze, Rwanda this December as we headed out on our two week trip through Tanzania. 
This is CLASSIC!  There's this interesting fashion phenomenon in Rwanda where they take the detachable hoods from winter coats and only wear the hood part.  I have yet to figure out where the coat went that matched the hood as you never see the actual coat.  This "Karl Lagerfeld wannna be" fashionista took it one step further removing the faux fur around the edge of the hood to make his very own scarf. 

As an aside....Rwanda sits on the equator never getting below 60-65 degrees....

The best thing about this young fashion icon is he wears this faux fur hoodie scarf with attitude!  Fashion Week New York?

As I stepped off the plane in Detroit I was immediately struck, as I always am when I return, by the lack of decorum with which we dress in America.  Oversized baggy pants and shirts with less than appropriate sayings covering (or sometimes not) oversized bellies with baseball caps and flip flops, with scantily clad young girls who apparently don't have parents who are parents or are auditioning for Hustler's Girl Next Door lay out and young men whose pants are almost to their knees with their underwear hanging out makes me wonder who really has the best fashion sense.  It's funny that people in a third world country take more care and wear with more style and class the precious few second hand clothes they have then we Americans with closets full of new clothes, generally most too small.  Money cannot buy class....only new clothes.

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