Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 19 of 30 -- Nicknames

My full name is Kimberly and from my earliest memory I have always been called Kim. I am not quite sure why, we might have to ask my parents. My sister's name is Danielle and she has always been Danielle, no Dani/Dan or any other such variation. Perhaps I was always Kim because Kimberly always sounded so formal to me. Formal and "girlie".

My main nicknames have come from variations around my maiden name, Moszyk….namely Mo. Mark and some of his close friends, the Buehler boys, started calling me Mo when we began dating. I even had two license plates with my "Mo" nickname…Mostang (yes, for a Mustang) and Vet4Mo. I used to sign my notes to Mark, Mo and sometimes still do.

In Africa I became Moki, my maiden name, again plus the start of my first name, Kim…hence, Moki. When I was at Victoria Falls in the winter of 2009, I was talking to some Zambians and when they asked my name I said Moki. Moki in their local language means something to the effect of a large spirit/presence. I like that name. It's very random and only in Africa do people use Moki.

When I started my job at US Foods in 2004, they had my name on my work ID as Kimberly. I decided to start using Kimberly and I still do to this day. Most people still shorten it to Kim but Kimberly has grown on me and the older I get the more I actually like to be called Kimberly. Of course, to my closest friends and family I will be forever….Kim

Day 20 of 30 I am declining to write about....Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future….too personal, too emotional…I'm just going to sit on this one and decline to share…perhaps someday.


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