Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Sightings

Every day when I am out and about traversing crazy town Nairobi I think about how I should be snapping some pictures of the things I see around me.  It is so hard to put into words the things I see in Africa.  Withing 20 feet I can see something so funny like the picture above...really, God is Able Clothing store? or see something so very sad....
This is a young boy passed out on the sidewalk along a major street into the downtown area.  He's a "huffer", glue sniffer, cheap high completely scrambling the brain.  His shoes are mismatched, he's filthy and he's passed out while people walk right past him.
At the end of the sidewalk where the "huffer" is passed out I meet up with this young man and his fashion forward orange plastic keds.  Not only do the orange plastic shoes stand out like a casino sign in Vegas, but check out his toes.  His shoes are so small they have his toes curled up like a prepubescent Chinese girl in the midst of her ritual foot binding.  
I walk not only for the shock value but also to avoid this...Nairobi traffic.  This is a good day.  All of these photos were snapped in just 200 feet.

I have been up since 5:45 this morning, worked, walked downtown, jumped on a plane to Rwanda this evening and now am sitting in the Bourbon coffee at the Kigali airport waiting for the 1:20am flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to come in carrying Jock, Max and the Team returning from their race in Gabon.  I got here at 7:30 this evening and Molly took the bus in from Musanze to keep me company....a true friend! We just had dinner at Khana Khazana, the one great restaurant in Kigali, and while killing time at the restaurant Molly explored her creative side with toothpicks and smashed up balls of rice....
11:30pm....two more hours, what more can I stumble across in one day?  Hopefully, the guys cleaning the plexiglass ceiling tiles above us at the Bourbon coffee don't fall through.

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