Monday, February 7, 2011

Eight Hours at Schiphol

I arrived at Schiphol Airport in Amersterdam at 5:15 this morning.  After checking my emails thanks to an hour of free wi-fi (I have one iPhone, one Smartphone and my laptop so I've squeaked out 3 hours!) I figured I might as well check out the place since I have an eight hour layover.

I am not in Africa anymore.  If you have plans to ever be stuck in an airport, may I suggest Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.  This morning at 8:00 I had the most amazing breakfast of egg, fresh mushrooms, over the top flavorful cheese on top of fresh baked multigrain bread.  Waiting for the dish I snapped a picture of the salad bar area already contemplating lunch.  I tried to take a picture of the sandwiches.  I don't know how one can be completely transfixed by a sandwich but I was.  The chef was beginning to wonder what I was doing.  Everything is sparkling clean and presentation and attention to detail and service extraordinary.  I forget how the variety of food makes such a difference to the olfactory system which starts the saliva flowing.

After breakfast I walked through some shops and stumbled upon the lounge.  Now this is an airport lounge.  The only piano I have ever seen in Africa sits in the Serena Hotel in Kigali so when I see a piano I just want to sit down and play.  I used to own a piano exactly like, times have changed.

This is the view from my chair, the most comfortable seat I've been in since leaving Rwanda....

This is an airport!  I spent the last two hours curled up in this egg reading and watching people.  
The view of my piano from the egg.  I think I might just camp in the egg for the next two hours before my flight.  Perhaps we could lobby the airlines to install "eggs" instead of seats.  It would make travelers a bit less stressed and snappy.  There is no stress inside the egg.

Switching gears....I just received a picture of Zulu, Kongo and Jambo eating breakfast this morning.  
Zulu, Mr. 120 Pounds of Protective Love, watching the cat and the bird chow down.  I told you he was special.

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