Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 8 of 30 -- Short Term Goals and Why?

This picture and the following story have nothing to do with my Day 8 Short Term Goals, but this is really much more interesting.

I love traveling through Africa on the back of a motorcycle and hopefully some day I will do it on my own bike.  There is something about traveling through towns along dirt roads exploring areas that haven't seen commercialization or a "muzungu" in eons.  I love the wide open spaces, the smells, the animals and the pure adventure of never knowing what lies around the next curve.

Recently, I posted a flyer at Jungle Junction in Nairobi, Kenya, a really cool camping/hostel/hang out place for overlanders traveling through Africa.  Most of the travelers I met there were either on their way to Cape Town from Europe or vice versa.  I met Europeans, South Africans, Namibians and even a couple from America.  Most were on motorcycles and many of the women drove their own bikes.  

Several weeks ago a woman from Germany, Siggi, emailed me to tell me she and her husband were coming through Rwanda.  Their trip started 6 months ago in Germany and they have traveled from Egypt, through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and now Rwanda.  Today they showed up in Rwanda along with another couple from Slovania, boyfriend and girlfriend each riding their own motorcycle.  All of them had quit their jobs and committed to a year of exploring Africa.  In my last post I talked about how much Africa has changed me.  Africa is the last place that I know if on earth where you can truly have a great adventure.  There is no place in America or Europe where you can do this and experience everything these couples have lived.  I love the fact that at my house there are a couple of Americans, Max from France, two Germans and two Slovanians.  And we all have one thing in common....our search for adventure and living outside the constraints of what is expected in the worlds we all left behind.

Some day I will travel the length of this continent on a motorcycle.  So...that is my goal, perhaps not short term at least a year or more out, but a goal I aspire to live nonetheless.

Short term goals for me have lost their power.  I write out my daily "to do" lists but really I simply want to live the moment I am in.  About my only short term goal at the moment is to get healthy.  I am still battling stomach issues, I believe it's a combination of parasite(s), caffeine and stress.  I quit the caffeine five days ago and am experiencing a bit of relief, the parasites will have to wait until I get back to the US in a few days and the stress, that is a minute by minute task.  I need to get back to riding which hopefully I will get in a bit when I'm in the US, however, I will be in DC, it's February, not hopeful.  There is always the 30 day gym membership.  I need to start working out again both mentally and physically.  Fat I am not, healthy thin I am also not.

So tomorrow I will get in one more ride before I leave Rwanda and spend two days on planes and in airports getting back to the US.  That's about all the goal work I am capable of at this point in time.   

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