Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6 of 30 -- Favorite Superhero & Why

Wonder Woman...would there be any other superhero you would expect to be my favorite?  I love Wonder Woman not simply for the super hero she is, but for the woman behind the super heroine...Lynda Carter.  Wonder Woman of course is the super heroine capable of lassoing unsavory characters with her golden lasso and deflecting speeding bullets with her gold bracelets, which would be the perfect accessory for any outfit.  But Lynda Carter is the real heroine.  

She stood by her second husband during a five month trial in which he was acquitted of fraud charges.  She found a dead body floating in the Potomac while out canoing one morning and she battled alcoholism addiction.  She still looks like a million bucks at 59 and she is still acting, singing and performing.

Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince, was a nerdy assistant who continually worked her way up the corporate ladder to position herself to be at the right place at the right time needed for the assistance of Wonder Woman.  Diana Prince was Wonder Woman just without the hot outfit and lasso.

I think there is a lot of Wonder Woman in all of us multitasking overworked ambitious women in the world.  We all want to see the world, whether it's the small world of our families or for me, the larger world of Africa, better because we were able to fight the villians that make life more difficult for all of us. 

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