Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11 of 30 -- Another Friend Pic

Technically I should be writing about Day 12, however, I am still working on overcoming my "habit issue" from Day 4 of 30I also was in a bit of a funk, a freezing cold funk.  After giving my sister a drubbing about her overweight dogs when I arrived Monday night, I had to assume all the guilt for my quick to speak statement.  As I sat on the coach wrapped in my purple fleece snuggie, eating Tostitos and watching very bad afternoon TV trying to keep my body temperature above 95 degrees, I realized there was no way I was leaving the cocoon of my self made comfort zone.  It was cloudy, windy, grey and never got about 30 degrees all day.  So, instead I vegged.  Completely and decadently I vegged, and so did the chunky butt dogs.  

Today the sun came out and my temporary funk has vanished.  Back in the saddle and back to the reality of the myriad of things on my plate, my master "to do" list.  

In one of my last blogs I talked about how much I loved my 40th birthday.  What made that day so special was that I had friends from all over trek to Vegas for my party.  Two old high school friends of my ex husbands came from Kansas City just to cook up some real KC BBQ.   Rusty, Neil, Mark and I go all the way back to the late 80's, for Mark even longer.  Terry, T-Shane, also came in from Kansas City.  I had another friend from Texas, one from southern Missouri and my best friend from college, Steve came in from Denver.  Along with all my friends from Las Vegas I was surrounded by a houseful of people for an entire weekend.  We had so many laughs, so much fun.  I felt so loved.  It was a great weekend with great friends.

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