Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 3 of 30 -- A Picture of My Friends and I...or a Few Pics

I'm sitting in a janky internet cafe in the Kenyatta Nairobi airport.  Can I just tell you how much I despise this airport?!  The only good thing was the free internet at the Java House and lo and behold, in an effort to enhance the miserable factor of this airport they (the management according to the Java House grunt) decided to do away with it.  Now I find myself setting in the corner of this little shop right next to the Coke machine blasting out hot air which adds to the already stagnant stinky feet, smelly pit air funk in this airport populated with people from all over Africa, all of whom have been traveling for way too long.  I have to prop my leg up on the shelf to keep the keyboard for rattling as I type and for this privilege I get to pay 150ksh every 15 minutes.  The smell of toe jam is free however.

So, Day 3 a picture of my friends and I.  Well, here's the deal.  The only photos I can access are on Facebook and frankly after reviewing them, mind you my connection is MAYBE 128k so I didn't see many, I noticed I don't have pictures with a bunch of people and me all together.  At first I thought that was odd but then I realized that's really my M.O.  I prefer the company of a few good friends than a gaggle of acquaintances.  So, here are my buds....

First up, my sister Danielle.  She is my best friend. We are very similar in personality, Type As, overachievers, adventurous travelers yet we are night and day different.  She's much more reserved and I am not.  If you're with us you would think she's older and not simply because I'm aging better. (I will not hear the end of that one).  It's a maturity factor which I seem to be moving from 44 to 24 and she's moving from 35 to 45.  Although we're nine years apart we couldn't be closer.  I'm lucky that way. 

Next up, if I can get the next picture to load before I pass out from the heat and aroma....Johnny Muzungu.
I never would have survived Rwanda without Johnny.  He made me laugh when I wanted to cry and he always reminded me that tomorrow was a new day.  The way I look at friendship and the test of who your "real" friends are, if your friend will bail you out of jail in the middle of the night or have you added to their bank account in the event they have to flee the country, that's a true friend.  If they will sit with you in the dark when the electricity goes out for the 15th time and you're all alone in Rwanda, that's a true friend.  I have missed Johnny so much.  The White Rwandans (it's a drink he made up...Uruguayan vodka, powdered milk and Nestle Quik), the pub crawls the bike rides through the fetal alcohol syndrom forest and the nights overlooking the market with our boxed wine forges a friendship that will last an eternity.  When I'm back in the US I'm meeting up with Johnny for a trip out to a farm in Virginia to inseminate cows.  He has his own nitrogen semen freezer.  What more could you ask for from a friend?

And then there's Molly.  If you have to face a group of rebels in a DRC forest this is the woman you want to have your back.  I don't have a lot of girlfriends because frankly I'm not very girl.  I don't like to do girl stuff, shopping ranks right up there with my recent root canal.  Molly is adventure woman.  She is way more fearless than I am and always makes me feel like a wuss.  In a good way.  Molly is sarcastic and she speaks her mind there's no passive aggressive wondering what she thinks.  No girl games.  That's why we get along so well and beware the girly girl who enters our realm. 

There are so many more friends and so many more pictures I wish I could give all of them the kudos they so deserve.  It is not easy being my friend.  I tend to drift in and out of people's lives especially in the past couple of years.  I have been told I simply wear people out with my level of activity and go go go.  However, my friends know this about me and they know how much I love them and that when we're even on the same continent I will reconnect.  My best friend of college, Steve, who's known me the longest, my DMV friend, Lori Bean (check out her blog) and even my ex husband are my go to people still.  They are the ones that will bail me out of jail no questions asked.  Hopefully they will never have to get that phone call.


  1. I love you Kim. You have been a great friend to me and the experience in Rwanda was magnitudes better because we went through those things together. You, Molly and I created a douchebag buffer zone where we could drop our guards and be ourselves. Right place, right time - Johnny Umuzungu