Friday, September 10, 2010

Africa: Part Two

I'm sitting in the airport in London waiting on my flight to Nairobi, Kenya.  I know things have been a bit quiet on the blog front, decompression the past two months was my MO.  Yes, Kenya...No, Rwanda.  Long story....

About a month ago when I was decompressing in northern California, simply enjoying my new bike, riding the coast and spending time with friends, I was introduced to Dave Neiswander, Africa Director for World Bicycle Relief.  I had become friends with Mike Kollins back in October 2009 when he came to see the gorillas in Rwanda.  It was a completely random meeting and I found it ironic at the time that he was doing in Kenya with World Bicycle Relief was essentially the same thing I was doing in Rwanda with Project Rwanda.  We stayed in touch via Facebook and when things were beginning to wrap up with PR I sent him an email simply asking him to keep an ear to the ground for opportunities in Africa.  I knew I was not finished with Africa or distributing bicycles in Africa.  My passion for the power of bikes in Africa continues to grow.  Mike set up a meeting for me with Dave in July.

Everyone always asks what it is like to be back in America.  For me, it was nice, but I knew from the first week I needed to find my way back to Africa.  Yes, the modern conveniences, the amazing riding I was doing on my brand new Time road bike, the great food, seeing friends and family all wonderful.  But in the end, I knew I was not ready for a move back to America on a more permanent basis. 

I am truly blessed.  I was given another incredible opportunity to be in the bike business in Africa and to do it with a company like World Bicycle Relief is a dream job.  Funny how a few years ago I was trying to figure out how to live abroad and do something with bikes and be able to support myself.  Today, that is exactly what I do, thanks to an incredible support system of friends, family and even an ex-husband back in the states and a network and support system abroad.  Life is remarkable.

I am back....the blogging is back...the adventure continues.  Stay tuned.

(The new picture on my blog was taken by Leah Day, World Bicycle Relief Founder.  It is true, a pictures says a thousand words.)

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