Monday, May 11, 2009

June 13, 2008

Journal Entry June 13, 2008 (Yes, 2008) --

The other day I was looking through my journal trying to find a phone number I had quickly written down on an empty piece of paper. As I was flipping through the pages I came across a journal entry from June 13, 2008. Guess there is power in writing down your dreams....

My Dream.....
1. Involves my mission -- "My mission is to build, enliven and inspire the unlocked and unlimited potential for greatness in all people."

2. Takes in my love of seeing the world, traveling and experiencing other cultures.

3. Must incorporate physical activity: Biking, hiking, climbing

1. Money
2. No safety net in my old age -- again money
3. Don't know how to start
4. Becomes bigger than I anticipated
5. Takes lost of hard work, maybe working two jobs for a while

What's very interesting about all of this is that I had crossed through my list of fears. I wrote them down and then drew a big "X" through them. Eleven months later, I'm living my mission by working with people to better their lives through a bike, both the users of the Project Rwanda bike and the boys on Team Rwanda. I'm living in the most scenic country I've ever visited and everyday I get to bike with amazing riders. I ride every day with a former Tour de France rider. How did I get this lucky? I listened to the voice inside begging to be heard and I refused to embrace the accompanying fears....that's all!

I dare you to try it!!!!!

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