Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Being a Rhino

There is this really cute, incredibly accurate book published years ago by Scott Alexander, Rhinocerous Success. It's written at about a sixth grade level for busy adults to read while doing other things. The premise is, charge through life like a Rhino, have a thick skin, and what I'm embracing today, lay around in the mud. We all need to be Rhinos and lay in the mud some days and today is that day!

Life has been a whirlwind these past 7 days. Leaving my job, planning for the Project Rwanda Fundraiser, fighting with the insurance company for malaria medicine (that's an entirely different post!) has all added up to the previously posted stress zit!

I would do it all over again just to experience the outpouring of donations, well wishes, and be safe encouragements from yesterday's Project Rwanda Fundraiser. I am a truly blessed woman!

So, we did start with a little rain, maybe God was still on Eastern Standard Time. However, 39 brave souls showed up to ride yesterday morning. There were a couple of spills, and a variety of flat tires, probably due to our three times a year down pour. There was also a great vibe to the day and lots of generous cyclists.

(An aside...Las Vegas is often given a bum rap for the lack of community in our city. We work crazy hours, we're a very transient town where neighbors live side by side for years without knowing each other's first names. However, the Las Vegas CYCLING community embodies everything about small town, coming together caring. We are a COMMUNITY...just on two wheels)

Most of the riders did the 50 mile option and jockeyed for position in the raffle bucket for the five Project Rwanda/Team Rwanda jersey's and cap.

Afterwards we continued the party at Hennessey's downtown. Food was great, entertainment by my birthday bud Anthony Vernola was a blast as always, and the donations were...amazing. We finished the day raising $2,500 for Project Rwanda.

I would like to thank everyone for coming out, braving the rain, hanging out at Hennessey's and helping make yesterday perfect!

Asia Garrett, you are the Queen of Las Vegas Cycling Events. You do so much to promote cycing in Vegas and helping new people join the sport. No one knows you are actually one of the FASTEST women I've ever ridden with! Thank you!

Carole Noel, for cheerleading the riders and taking care of Mark. Now you know why we love cycling so much!

Newlyweds Marc and Lara Baker for jumping in and helping at Hennessey's. Be careful when you ask me next time if there's anything you can do to help I might just take you up on your offer.

Mark...for weathering the storm literally and figuratively.

So, I need to roll out of the mud. This Rhino has to grocery shop and clean house. I didn't say I was a WILD Rhino.


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