Monday, April 20, 2009

Did TSA Really Just Frisk That 80 Year Old Woman?

Commercial airline travel will make even the most frugal, penny pinching bail out CEO reconsider navigating the gauntlet of negative publicity for the corporate jet. After a sleepless three hours in bed last night I arrived at McCarren to embark on this adventure. Yes, last night about 2:17am I did have a minor panic attack and asked myself calmly, "What the HELL am I DOING?" I really don't believe reality will hit until sometime in the next couple of weeks when I have a craving for a Zaba's burrito and my only option is goat...again?

So back to commercial air travel....ok, I understand trying to avoid the appearance of profiling but does the TSA really have to scare the coiffed blue haired lady with the cane by searching her like she was the godmother of the Mediaen Drug Cartel? Did she attempt to smuggle more than 3oz of Metamucil through security? I have learned to simply roll with it while flying. It is one thing I refuse to go all Type A over. My flight to Amsterdam is currently an hour late taking off, however, the captain just came out explained the situation and said with a good tail wind, extra fuel and the pedal to the metal (I swear, his words, not mine) we might still make it on time. Very cool! He even asked for the passengers help in getting on the plane ala Southwest style. See what a little love can do! The whole mood of the delayed passengers just did a 180.

I still can't believe that seven months ago I read an article about Project Rwanda and was moved to become involved, and today I'm getting on a plane to Rwanda to volunteer for Project Rwanda. When you tell yourself over and over again there's something else you're supposed to be doing in life pay attention to the signs. You could be on a plane to to speak!

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  1. Tracking your progress, dear daughter. Glad you are keeping a light-hearteded attitude towards all this flying. Will be eager to hear from yuo on the next leg of the journey.
    Love you
    Mom and Dad