Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can someone get me another glass of wine?

It's 9:30pm, Friday night, the night before the Bike for Bikes Fundraiser and I think I blew a fuse. The brain is definitely not firing on all cylinders. I completely understand why I would never go into event planning. I'd be dead by 43 1/2! I'm such a freaky Type A personality that wants to make sure everything goes perfectly (HA!) and everyone has a GREAT time. I need to just breathe. The weather will be fine...I did talk personally one on one with God this afternoon. Funny thing is, like I can do anything about it? I'm Type A...I might!

So, I'm just going to go downstairs, run the Wonder Woman toothbrush over my teeth, wash my face, put Clearisil on my stress pimple and go to bed. Tomorrow, as my friend Tim says, we will Rock the Rwanda. I like that. It's catchy!

10 days to Rwanda....

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